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About Bilal Enterprises
is a Pakistani based Recruiting Agency Specialized in Overseas Employment Promotion. The company has the most experienced individual in its team who are veteran in overseas employment, human resources management, processing visas and handling other relevant affairs.

The Manpower Recruitment Agency was established in 1979 and enjoys the privilege of being one of the oldest Overseas Employment Agency of Pakistan. Working under License No. O.E.P 0838/KAR, Issued by the Federal Ministry of Manpower and overseas Pakistanis, Our agency is moving fast towards the status of a most vibrant and reliable overseas employment promotion of Pakistan.

Overseas Employment Agency is recognized by the Government of Pakistan and is a member of the Pakistan Overseas Employment Promoters Association (POEPA) Under the License No. OEP. 0838/KAR. Our Manpower Recruitment Agency is regarded as among the Eminent & Oldest Overseas Employment Promoters in Pakistan.

About our Chairman
Mr. Muhammad Iqbal Yousuf is a Human Resources Management professional who has over 31 years of experience in Human Resources Consulting and Recruitment & Overseas Employment.
  • He was Chairman of POEPA (Pakistan Overseas Employment Promoter Association) Pakistan in 19
  • Presently he is Chairman of Ad HOC Committee at POEPA (Pakistan Overseas Employment Promoter Association) Pakistan.

is the culmination of his vision for setting up an International Human resources firm that will offer professional and personal growth to individuals worldwide.

Based as Karachi head Office, we are having our network of associate offices spread throughout Pakistan. These offices are located at Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Our wide network across the country enables us to attract and recruit the best available professionals, and suitable candidates. 

Our Team and Infrastructure
We are equipped with powerful integrated recruitment technologies and have a team of seasoned expert recruiters. We have all the latest facilities in the areas of communication, frequent transport etc, leading to expedition of the entire process.

Additionally, all our recruiters have significant management experience. For most of the posts, they have "been there and seen it all". They understand the job requirement completely and appreciate that it is the human resource that forms the backbone of an organization's success.

The framework of our long market-standing is supported by our extensive database and experienced staff. Our team is specialized in identifying and sourcing candidates exactly as per the client's requirement. We ensure our performance by having a compensatory clause in our contract if the sourcing is not up to your expectation or within the specified time period. 

Our zest for better techniques comes out of our continual working at the cutting edge of technology. It is with creativity that we have developed and worked on many tools specific to different recruiting assignments. We retain a panel of industry experts from various trade and industry in order to ensure that our client gets manpower that is efficient, educated, experienced and as per their exact requirement. 

established in the field of recruitment as manpower providers for the past 31 years and during all these years we have successfully catered & provided requisite manpower to various companies in India and abroad. We have provided our recruitment consultancy services to the critical core industries i.e. Oil & Gas (Petrochemical, Refinery, Fertilizer, Power plants etc.), Infrastructure Development, IT, Telecom, Banking, FMCG, Consumer Goods and Health Care, etc. 

As one of the most populous country of the world, Pakistan has a variety of human resources in a abundances. The 65% of over 150 million population of the country is in 15 to 35 years of age group. The terrible unemployment ratio makes a large segment of the society eager to work in any country of the world where a reasonable and legal earning is possible.
The concentrated efforts of the present government in production of skilled manpower has accelerated the process of technical training and education through short courses and diplomas in computer, electronics, plumbing, machinery and a wide range of technical walks.
It is managed by highly qualified professional Manpower specialist consultants with several years of training and experience both in India and abroad. Through a unique combination of skills, competencies, knowledge and favorable experience. The company recognizes and caters for the special personnel needs of clients in the various industries worldwide.

Why Select Pakistani Manpower:
Organizations, with experience of working with Pakistani workers, appreciate the following features of Pak Work Force:
  • Physically, Pakistani Laborers are Taller, strong and Active.
  • Intellectually they are sharp and intelligent.
  • Morally, they are honest, responsible and hardworking.
  • Financially, they are economical.

The Opportunity:
is an in-time response to the increasing cost of manpower in the developed and industrial world and plenty of manpower available in Pakistan in profusion.

As we receive your demand, our data base section comes into action. From a wide range of million of jobs seekers and through advertisement in media, our selection committee arranges tests and interviews for post, where skill, education and training is involve.
All efforts are being made to arrange physically fit, academically qualified and generally most
appropriate candidates for our clients, assures you with a money back guarantee to pay all the expenses of the process if a candidate is found academically, skill wise or medically unfit during the probation period of three months.

Our Mission:
Our mission is to exploit international job market and bring good name for our beloved country, Pakistan by Providing the most selected, well mannered, intelligent, hardworking and economic manpower.

The services of
renowned Manpower Employment Agency of Pakistan, include the highest level of professionalism. For the last 31 years, our Manpower Agency has been contributing to the nation's growth and development through the export of highly talented and worthy manpower

Discerning And Value Added Services Are:
  • Upon receipt of the requirement, we will try to extract maximum CV's from our databank and web posting. Incase we do not have enough CV's we will send you the draft of the advertisement and upon approval of the date and budget, the same will be released in TOP CIRCULATES NEWS PAPERS OF PAKISTAN. The cost of the same will be borne by your good self Some times borne by us.
  • We will short list the CV's received by us and will forward you the one's that match your specifications. If the candidate is from a nearby place we conduct personal interviews as well. 
  • We will then invite your delegate for the Interviews at the desired location depending on the response. We will call the short listed candidates and others if any for the Interviews. 
  • Incase you are unable to send your delegate, we shall then provide you with the contact details of the candidates enabling you to conduct telephonic Interviews.
  • Upon confirmation from your end, we will ask the candidates to go for Medical Examination and reconfirm you their availability and Medical Fitness.
  • Then you will process the Visa's for the candidates and send it to us.
  • We will then intimate you regarding the expected date of travel for these candidates and will then request you to send the PTA (Pre Ticket Advise) for the same.
  • Also we shall request you to clear the Invoice prior to the departure of the candidates as per mutually agreed terms and conditions.

Our Search Methods
Our methods of handling the search for a candidate are tailored to specific circumstances. Keeping in mind the considerations like industry-specific skills and the location of such talent, we shortlist the candidates. The geographic scope of the search is agreed upon with our client, based on their work values.

Our Work Process
We pro actively tap the market for excellent candidates. Once the candidates have been identified, we conduct in-depth interviews with each individual, and obtain detailed information (on topics such as educational background, experience, job history, career goals, personality traits, compensation etc)

We strictly adhere to our client's instructions at every stage of the recruitment and deploy the candidates within the stipulated time.